We, Arte Wellness, make efforts towards realizing a sustainable society through our business. Therefore, our products bring quality and value to the customers, and as well as to the environment. We support sustainable forest management and has gained FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) international certification. We encourage sustainable forestry through the use of certified raw materials in our packaging and marketing materials, thus helping the forestry farmers and companies to sustainably manage the forests for our future. Arte Wellness will continue to steer our initiatives to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


FSC Certificate is a proof to show all people related with maintaining forests as one group; such as those who keeping forest, manufacturing , selling, and using wood products. All Arte Wellness boxes are FSC Certified to be mindful of sustainability goal we have within our organization.


Arte Wellness believes that we can create a better world when more of us choose to live healthy and sustainable lifestyle for body, mind, and earth. That’s why we want you to have more great days!

1. Arte of Green Cars: Using electric car or hydrogen car for all our sales team members: All our sales team drive electric and hydrogen cars to visit our clients and customers. The first step is to choose sustainable options and enjoy the green lifestyle great for earth and our next generation.

2. Arte of using Renewable Energy: Many of our partners use solar panels to significantly reduce the carbon footprint. We continue to invest in renewable energy such as solar and wind.

3. Arte of Smart Lighting and Smart Working: We take advantage of natural light as much as possible to save energy and avoid the negative health effects from excessive exposure to artificial lights. We start using energy efficient lighting such as LED light bulbs and dimmable fixtures to optimizing workplace lighting.

4. Arte of Working from Home: We review our company’s travel practices and eliminate business traveling by replacing unnecessary air travel with virtual meetings and trainings. We also coordinate carpooling between employees and choose energy-efficient way to host an event or exhibition.

5. Arte of Recycling: We reduce, reuse, and recycle. We choose efficiently packaged goods to reduce waste. We minimize printing by transitioning to digital records. We always recycle all ink cartridges and cup back on printing documents.

6. Arte o Green Partnerships: We surround ourselves with sustainable partners who have the similar mission. We are adapting “near sourcing partnership” which we choose to work with small local businesses to fill shipments together and look for partners who actively use sustainable practices. Creating sustainable partnership means that we are building community together and hold each other accountable while we help reduce both of our carbon footprints in the long run.

7. Arte of Education and Encouragement: A good business is built on teamwork. We make sure our employees are educated on the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce them. Provide motivating proof that efforts to minimize emissions have a positive impact on our environment. We engage with our employees and communities in moving to a greener lifestyle.

8. Arte of Saving Water: We choose easy methods to reduce water use include installing aerated faucets, lowering water heater temperatures, and actively repairing leaks. If your business requires large amounts of hot water, consider installing a heat recovery system to recycle energy from wastewater.

9. Arte of Staying Healthy: Staying healthy is the greenest act of kindness to ourselves and our earth. Every day, hospitals and health systems contribute to the billions of pounds of medical and other hazardous waste to the environment. When many of us are healthy, it means that we have energy to be a good service to our society, environment, and people. Arte Wellness believes that we can create a better world when more of us decide to stay sustainable for body, mind, and earth.